Gran Torino – movie

The movie Gran Torino was released in 2008. It is a drama movie directed by Clint Eastwood, who also plays the main character in the movie, Walt Kowalski. He is an old, grumpy man who lives by himself because his wife passed away.

Kowalski does not have a good connection with the rest of his family and is therefore very lonely. Of course he has his dog and Gran Torino, but not someone to communicate and socialise with.

His neighbour’s son once tried to steal his Gran Torino car, but he notices the thief which get punished by his family. The thief’s name is Thao and his punishment was to help Kowalski for a few days.

This punishment leads to a friendship between the two and Kowalski says he feels he has more in common with Thao’s family than his own. His neighbours are Hmong and because of the cultural differences they take over the space Kowalski´s family have left.

Thao tried to steal Kowalski´s car because of his cousin who is a part of a street gang who threatens and use violence to get what they want. They later shoot Thao´s and his family´s house. Walt then sees his opportunity to end this by sacrificing himself.

I learned a lot by watching this movie. It was funny, heart-warming and sad. It was really nice to see Kowalski changes throughout the movie and see how kind he was to his neighbour´s and how they affected his life in a positive way.


Kite runner book vs movie

In this blog post I am going to compare the Kite Runner book and movie. Also, I am going to reflect my thoughts of the two. The movie is based on the book and follows the same storyline from beginning to the very end.

The movie and the book have a lot of similarities. However, the book is a lot more detailed than the book. They describe everything, so you know exactly what is happening, while in the movie there are “hints” and leave the rest to your imagination.

I will say the book uses words to show the characters feelings and emotions. We can read what they are thinking, and takes us in the characters mind. The movie uses music and special effects to make the same atmosphere. Both in the movie and book we get a connection to the characters and have sympathy for them.

Because the movie is based on the book, they have a lot of similarities. But in the movie, they left out a lot of the chapters including a huge part of the plot. I do not think they made the relationship between Amir and Hassan as good as they did in the book.

Anyhow they managed to draw my attention. It was an overall good book and movie. I learned a lot about the cultural differences in the world and gave me a bigger picture of the issues out in the world.

Kite Runner – Characters

The Kite Runner is a very interesting book. Personally, I think it´s well written and easy to read. Also, the author of the book is great at grabbing the reader’s attention throughout the novel.  One of the most important parts of a story, is the characters. So now I’m going to briefly comment on them.  

Amir is the narrator and the protagonist of the story. He is a privileged boy due to his father being wealthy and his ethnic background. Amir seems like an intelligent, selfish and cynical person. He likes to get it in his way regardless of the consequences it causes others. Amir lives with his father, Baba and their servant, Ali and his son, Hassan.

Hassan is a big part of the story as well. He is brave, selfless, kind and always loyal to his only and best friend, Amir. In the mornings while Amir prepares for school, Hassan reads Amir´s books and makes breakfast. He also helps Ali with the chores and grocery shopping.  Hassan and Ali are Hazaras. Hazara is an ethnic group which is lower ranked in the society.

The wealthy and well-respected businessman is known as Baba. He is strong, brave and willing to risk his life for what he believes in. Baba has a good heart even though Amir doesn’t feel loved by him as a child.

Killed for speaking the truth

The story about Paúl Rivas Bravo was written by a friend and colleague named Ana Maria Carvejal. He was one of the 53 journalists that were killed in 2018. Bravo was a photojournalist and was on an assignment with the journalist Javier Ortega and driver Efraín Segarra. It was on this trip the three men were kidnapped and killed one month later.

It´s tragic to learn about the events that took place on the border between Ecuador and Colombia. It´s unclear how the government of these countries were involved in the events that led to the necessity of #NosFaltan3, but I believe there must be a correlation between the governments involvement, and the silencing if the journalist.